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Bucket List: My Life's "To-Do" List

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

I have always had so many interests growing up. I think by the time I turned five I had changed my dream career at least 17 times. I remember wanting to be an astronaut, a singer, an actress, a scientist, a veterinarian, a writer, an artist, a lawyer, and many other things that would take me way too long to list. I've always been interested in trying everything, I guess that is what has led me to the philosophy of being a student of life. There is so much to do in what feels like such little time so I decided to help myself out by making a list. I thought this might help me from bouncing from idea to idea too much seeing as I am the type of person to become infatuated with a hobby for a week and then lose interest just as fast.

So here I am to share my Bucket List (aka my To-Do list for life). I'm sure I will be adding to it as I go, but so far in one day I have managed to come up with 93 items. If anyone wants to help, just let me know, I'm open to having people join along! I'll put a check mark next to things I have completed, and put ones I am working on in bold and highlighted.

  1. Start a Blog

  2. Try modeling

  3. Learn a 3rd language

  4. Write a book

  5. Try acting

  6. Travel to (almost) every continent (we'll have to see about Antarctica)

  7. Meet a celebrity

  8. Try painting/drawing as a hobby

  9. Get acupuncture

  10. Visit a psychic medium

  11. Apply for a reality show

  12. Plan a surprise party

  13. Attend a black tie gala

  14. Design a dress

  15. Go to a rave

  16. Learn to sew

  17. Go backstage at a concert/show

  18. Fly first class

  19. Go to Comicon

  20. Host a dinner party

  21. Travel abroad for my birthday

  22. See an opera

  23. Take a class on Tea

  24. Take a pottery class

  25. Take a dance class

  26. Host a Ted Talk

  27. Walk the red carpet

  28. Visit a cat cafe

  29. Go to an NFL game

  30. Go to an AS Roma game

  31. Get a professional massage

  32. Do a full spa day at a resort

  33. Do a professional photo shoot

  34. Own a pair of designer shoes

  35. Design a purse

  36. Stay at a 5 star hotel

  37. Eat at a Michelin rated restaurant (5 stars would be the goal)

  38. Learn how to make macarons

  39. Write a cook book

  40. Participate/Attend a high tea

  41. Go fishing

  42. Do an escape room

  43. Go to a rage room

  44. Start an art collection

  45. Design a room

  46. Re-do a piece of furniture

  47. Learn how to play chess

  48. Learn how to play poker

  49. Build a model house

  50. Stay awake for 24 hours

  51. Visit a new city for 24 hours

  52. Learn to whistle

  53. Donate blood

  54. Re-learn how to play the piano

  55. Send someone flowers

  56. Run a marathon

  57. Run a 5k

  58. Run a 10k

  59. Run a half marathon

  60. Learn to ice-skate

  61. Shop at a designer store (Gucci, Prada, etc)

  62. Drive a motorcycle

  63. Fly Emirates

  64. Celebrate a holiday abroad (not in the US)

  65. Sleep in a castle

  66. Visit all 50 states

  67. Visit Redwood Forest

  68. Learn how to pose

  69. Fly in a helicopter

  70. Partake in an archaeological expedition

  71. Go to every Disney (Florida, California, Paris, Japan)

  72. Put a lock on a bridge

  73. See the Northern Lights

  74. Stay in a penthouse

  75. Visit Eiffel Tower

  76. Visit the Lourve

  77. Visit a German concentration camp/holocaust tour

  78. Visit Scotland

  79. Attend Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

  80. Visit all 7 Wonders of the World

  81. Find a job I love

  82. See SNL live

  83. Fulfill a vision board

  84. Compete in Miss NJ USA

  85. Get my Masters

  86. Re-do my closet

  87. Perfect my personal style

  88. Learn how to use a Gua Sha facial tool

  89. Get a second tattoo

  90. Visit tulip fields in the Netherlands

  91. Go on a shopping spree

  92. Create a personalized perfume

  93. Find out what season I am (personalized color palate)

  94. Go to a concert for a foreign band

Peace Out Girl Scout,


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