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Welcome to Fun With Dunn!

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

First and foremost I want to welcome you all to my first ever blog! Throughout the years I had intended to start a blog to share my life experiences along with fun tips and tricks I have learned. As an avid traveler, baker, and all around student of life, I have learned so many things that I feel I should share with others.

I recently was lucky enough to compete in a pageant for the first time, specifically as a state finalist for Miss New Jersey USA. During my amazing time at the competition I learned a lot about myself as an individual. I also learned some extraordinarily valuable life lessons that will, I'm sure, stay with me forever.

Life lessons like the ones I learned at Miss NJ USA are the ones I intend to share with my readers. They are things we too often don't learn until it is too late, or even acknowledge but never implement.

And hey, I am not perfect, I am not the ideal individual. I make mistakes, I mess up, and I intend to share those aspects of life too. But the most important part of those mistakes and messes are what we learn from them so we can try not to make them again.

This blog will also be full of laughter, food, and love. We're all about BALANCE here my people! I have tons of recipes I'd love to share with you all, along with travel tips and hacks, and just funny stories I hope you will be able to relate to!

We are all trying our best on this planet, you are not alone, let's do this thing together.

Peace Out Girl Scout,


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